John R. Holsen

SQ Audio Guru, Web Author, Kennedyaudio Webmaster


Representing Joel Kennedy who happened to repair a Hafler

240SE P.A. amp that nobody but nobody else could repair. His

background in electronics repair and design of speakers and

audio was obvious after one visit. I was referred to him by a

a professional friend, who retrofits machine tools.  The two had

previously cooperated in designing an unusual amplifier, and

since I knew a little about web pages and indexed search, I

offered to put up a web page to see if I could sell by internet and

manufacture their design. We are a small group of independent

technology hard core devotees applying our brand of science

outside of our usual work a day jobs and lives and have enjoyed

bringing ideas and doing many experiments using the internet.

I am interested in improving sound quality. Under research and development are transponcers that mechancially enhance bass frequencies from a straight flat signal. This is the opposite approach from traditional which starts by moving a large heavy diaphragm and reproducing signal bass wave profiles accurately, leaving distortion to midrange and upper frequency secondaries.. 

Thus dual compression drivers, essentially obsolete holdovers from 70 volt systems, may find an MP3 player driven revival. The cost of speaker(s) will be reduced by removing headphones from peoples heads and putting left and right into dual drive transponcers. Investors with patience and futuristic flexibility are welcome!

             Professional manufacturing protoTool design/marketer

            specializing in metals and plastics for construction use,

            internet commerce and technical physics & math.



Bachelor of Business/Computer Era Economics, 1977

University of Wisconsin, Madison/Oshkosh/Superior

Paper in team project for Systems Analysis and Design. First place team. U.W. Superior. 1983

Summa Cum Laude Plastics Technology 1979

Magna Cum Laude Quality Assurance and Nondestructive Testing 1994


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